Fruit and Veg Wash 500ml

$10.99 each
Fair Trade
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About EnviroCare Products

EnviroCare Earth was founded in 1994 by a Western Australian woman as a direct result of allergies and reactions associated with chemicals in everyday life, and the effect it was having on the environment. EnviroCare Earth is committed to keeping pace with the demands we place on the earth and endeavour to implement changes that science and humans demand we make to sustain our home, the earth. In the ensuing years the product, label, brand and management has improved and grown to become a recognizable, respected, well loved and much utilized product in Australian homes and business’s. We are proudly 100% Western Australian owned and operated and continue to develop and introduce new products that will support our philosophies and our love of our environment of which we are trying to educate and encourage consumers to be. Envirocare Earth is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to eliminating conditions and accidents that could result in personal injury or ill health in our workplace environment. The company that produces envirocare Earth requires its activities to conform to relevant state and federal legislation and good, established practices including Australian Standards. The company that produces envirocare Earth has achieved a position as a market leader in the manufacture and supply of quality product. It is the company’s aim to maintain and strengthen this position. Envirocare Earth is a family company and as such we have the ability to develop, change or add products to suit the marketplace and to continue to STRIVE TO BE AN ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY.

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