Abode Laundry Liquid Sensitive 2lt

$17.99 each
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Completely free of nasty chemicals and fragrances, yet full of powerful natural ingredients to assist in the removal of stubborn stains. The ultra-concentrated formula means that just a splash delivers outstanding results. || Details Size: 1L Scent: Fragrance-free If someone in your family has sensitive skin or allergies, it's great comfort to know that there's nothing nasty in this formula that can be left on clothing and bedding. It's completely fragrance-free and is suitable for even the most delicate skin. Formulated by a Naturopath pH neutral and suitable for people with sensitive skin Biodegradable Grey water safe Recyclable packaging Australian made and owned Non-irritant and low allergenic Highly concentrated (use less, waste less) Anti-residue formula Palm oil free || Use & Care Normal load = 0.25 cap for front loaders and 0.5 cap for top loaders. Heavy load = 0.5 cap for front loaders and 1 cap for top loaders. Soaking or handwashing = 0.5 cap per 5L. CAUTION Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Store in a cool, dry place below 30c. Do not mix with detergents, brighteners, laundry boosters or chlorine bleach. If using a plastic bucket to soak, ensure it has a sealed tight lid for safety. || Ingredients or Materials Soda ash (alkalinity builder), baking soda (food grade), sodium citrate (food grade), sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (derived from coconut oil), sodium coco sulphate (derived from coconut oil), sodium disilicate (derived from sand), alkylpolyglucosides (derived from corn, wheat and coconut) and sodium lactate (food grade).

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