Paleo Cereal 1kg

$38.99 each
Fair Trade

Paleo principles have it that people eat a diet that is rich in protein, fat and plants. In Paleo times, almost no grains were available for regular consumption. The only foods that were eaten were wild crafted (selectively harvested), hunted down and eaten fresh or foraged for. This style of eating enabled the cavemen to run for days to track down high quality sources of protein whilst stopping rarely to refuel, refresh and regenerate. Both Paleo and Vegan styles of eating share the idea of clean food. The vegan lifestyle suggests that we should eat a diet rich in plant-based proteins, fats and carbohydrates (preferably unprocessed) to achieve optimal health. Fortunately, Forage Paleo ticks all of those boxes! Key Benefits Primal nutrition Grain Free Gluten Free High in plant protein Vegan High in good fats No added sugar

About Forage

Eyjpzci6ime2mgq2nwyzmmmwzmrmmjlhztixzgfiymq0mjjlm2vklmpwzyisinn0b3jhz2uioijwdwjsawnfc3rvcmuifq?signature=2cad836e539d1aa04c37b879214a022e9b8945e1e095abca446111bfa1842c32 Unlike our ancestors who had to Forage in nature to gather and nurture their body and health, our lives are busy and we now Forage in supermarkets in search of something that tastes good, HOPING it’s also good for us. However not much has changed with our body in the last 20,000 years as we still need natures goodness, Natural Intelligence (nQ), to run our body at peak potential. At Forage, we want to inspire you to eat more natural, wholesome and life-giving foods and so we’ve created THE healthiest choice for the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Packed full of goodness only obtainable from nature and taking it back to the ancestral approach of simple yet nutrient-rich eating, each product in the Forage range has been carefully created by Naturopath and Chiropractor, Dr Damian Kristof- ‘My mission is to assemble the healthiest, gluten free, highest quality, breakfast product on the planet ’It’s far more important for me to develop and deliver health than to cut corners on quality and performance. As our environment continues to change and evolve, so should our bodies. 16 years of experience in the health field reminds me of the need to adapt and even with the best intentions, sometimes things can come a crop. In situations such as these, there is nothing more important than to do whatever it takes to serve and protect your body’.

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