Prewash Stain remover 1kg

$13.75 each
Fair Trade


A safe, mineral-based stain remover that effectively removes dirt and other stains from all fabrics, leaving them looking clean and fresh.


Formulated with environmentally safe bleach. Like all Herbon products, Herbon pre-wash stain remover is allergy free* and contains no-petrochemicals, artificial perfumes or animal-derived ingredients. It's not tested on animals and is safe for septic systems. Made in Australia.


Effectively removes stains without harming the environment. 100% biodegradable, this product breaks down completely into harmless compounds after 7 to 21 daysINGREDIENTS

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Metasilicate (mineral), Phosphate (mineral), Soda Ash (mineral), Soda Bicarbonate (mineral), Hydrogen Peroxide (A bleach).

About Herbon

Herbon Natural Products were created to provide purer, allergen free and environmentally friendly alternatives to harsh and irritating chemical-heavy cleaning products. To ensure that even the most hypersensitive individuals can use our products, all Herbon products are developed in conjunction with The Allergy Association of Australia and a team of medical specialists. As a result, our products are free from: Formaldehydes, Terpenes, Phenols, Chlorine, organic Mercurials, Balsams and Aluminium Complexes. We are proud to say, Herbon personal and household products are: Allergy Free* 100% Biodegradable free of petrochemicals, or artificial perfumes or animal ingredients not animal tested safe for septic systems *Herbon products are tested by Medical Specialists and are deemed to have negligible risk of allergic reaction. Herbon. Caring for you and your environment.

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